Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage

“My 12-year old nephew was running across the street when he was struck by a motor vehicle traveling approximately 45 mph. the other driver never stopped. The impact was so severe, my nephew’s left leg was shattered at a growth plate. Because the fracture was at a growth plate, the left leg ceased growing while the right leg continued to grow. A number of surgeries were discussed in order to have the left leg continue to grow as natural as possible with the right leg. Because the other driver left the scene, we were unaware of the advantages Uninsured Motorist Coverage provides for policy holders. After hiring Stanford Law Offices, we pursued all appropriate remedies under the Uninsured Motorist Laws of Wisconsin and ultimately received sufficient funds to get all the surgeries paid for my nephew, and at the same time, set up a college fund for him. We cannot thank Stanford Law Offices enough for their assistance, guidance and assurance throughout this nightmare.”

“I was a 55-year old paper-mill worker when I was involved in a severe motor vehicle accident. I lost my foot after a number of failed surgeries. I could not return to work. The other driver did not have sufficient insurance to compensate me. After discovering the benefits of Underinsured motor vehicle benefits, I was able to recover sufficient funds in order to make ends meet for the balance of my life. In addition, my wife and I were able to retire and enjoy our golden years together.”

“I was a 37-year-old truck driver when I was involved in a serious truck/automobile accident. My injuries were so severe, I was not able to return to work in any capacity. I hired Stanford Law Offices, S.C. to pursue the Worker’s Compensation claim. There were not sufficient funds from the Worker’s Compensation claim to make up for my losses. In addition to the Worker’s Compensation claim, Stanford Law Offices, S.C. pursued an underinsured motorist claim making up the difference from what I lost and received in Worker’s Compensation. If it were not for Stanford Law Offices, S.C. going the extra mile, I would have never been able to make up the difference.”

“My 12-year old daughter was struck by a hit and run motorist. Her leg was severely damaged to the point it ceased growing. Because the other driver left the scene, I was not aware of the benefits under my own insurance policy for Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Stanford Law Offices recovered sufficient funds to pay for my daughter’s medical bills, education and for my husband and me to purchase devices necessary for her to navigate the rest of her life.

To this date, my daughter remembers Stanford Law Offices and we often visit.”

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