Car Accidents

“I was a 27 year old single mother traveling to work. I was pregnant when I was driving to work. Another driver ran a red light, struck my motor vehicle causing the premature birth and death of my child. The other driver fled the scene and the police refused to cooperate.

I hired Stanford Law Offices. Stanford Law Offices, through its own investigative means, found the other driver and pursued civil remedies against it and a number of insurance companies I never knew existed. While no amount of money can replace what my family lost, Stanford Law Offices was able to lessen the damage to my family. This accident happened in 1994. To this day, my family remains friends with Stanford Law Offices.”

“I was seven months pregnant when another driver ran a stop sign. My child was born, however, severely disabled. I hired Stanford Law Offices. Stanford Law Offices pursued remedies against insurance companies I never felt were possibly responsible, or I could have pursued by virtue of the other driver running the stop sign. By virtue of the result I obtained from Stanford Law Offices, my child was able to attend special education classes her entire life. In addition, a Trust was set up on her behalf where her financial, educational and daily needs have been met from the time she was born for an excess of 17 years. Stanford Law Offices has not only been our lawyer, but we consider them part of our family.”

“I was a 55-year-old truck driver when I sustained an injury to my arm which prevented me from returning to work as a truck driver. The Worker’s Compensation Act did not make up for my lost income. My wife and I were desolate and ultimately hired Stanford Law Offices, S.C.. Stanford Law Offices, S.C. was successful in having the insurance company pay for my retraining, where I learned my “second career” and am enjoying my true love. If it were not for Stanford Law Offices, S.C., I would never have learned about the benefits under the Worker’s Compensation Act to be retrained and to start my “second career.””

“I was 25, single, pregnant, and a mother of two when I was in an auto accident that left my newborn and me permanently disabled. The other driver and her insurance company denied any responsibility for my losses. I hired Stanford Law Offices and together we prevailed in forcing the insurance company to compensate us for our medical bills, lost wages, disabilities, and future necessities. My daughter now has every opportunity that any other child has ­ thanks to the help we received from Stanford Law Offices.”

“I was 34 years old, driving a truck on local routes. I suffered an injury on the road which forced me to leave my occupation. I had never worked any other job. The other driver’s insurance company denied any responsibility for my losses, or my future. I hired Stanford Law Offices. We went to trial, and made the other driver’s insurance company pay for my past losses, and for retraining me for a new career. Stanford Law Offices gave me a second chance in life, and the opportunity to provide for my family.”

“At 38, I was making a decent living as an over-the-road truck driver. Then I suffered an injury on the job that ended up requiring three back surgeries. My doctors told me I would never drive a truck again. I didn’t know any other trade. My employer’s insurance company refused to cover my medical bills, lost wages, or provide any sense of security for my future. I had to hire a lawyer. Stanford Law Offices prevailed, after four trials, in forcing the insurance company to cover all of my medical bills, lost wages and loss of future earnings. Thanks to the help of Stanford Law Offices, I’m now able to provide for my family’s future.”

“I am a 58-year-old security guard who was involved in a motor vehicle accident. As a result of the motor vehicle accident, I sustained a severe back injury which was later operated on by my surgeon. Because of the resulting disability, I was terminated from my employment. In short, I was permanently and totally disabled from working and fired from my job and had no means of income. There was a question on who had the green light. I hired Stanford Law Offices, S.C. who prevailed in proving I had the green light and getting sufficient compensation to pay for my loss of job, past and future pain, suffering and disability, and my future medical care.”

“My son was a passenger in a car operated by an intoxicated driver. Because the driver was intoxicated, there was an accident causing my son’s death. There were no witnesses. I hired Stanford Law Offices, S.C. who conducted a thorough investigation using its resources. Stanford Law Offices, S.C. got to the bottom of what occurred and recreated the accident. In recreating the accident, Stanford Law Offices, S.C. was able to prove who was at fault and we received compensation to bring closure to our family.”

“I am a 55-year-old waitress who was involved in a severe car accident. The car accident resulted in me being totally disabled, and not able to care for my children or myself. I hired Stanford Law Offices, S.C. who recovered sufficient compensation for me to make up for what I lost in earnings, and to continue to care for my family.”

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