Property Damage

“My husband and I were living with my daughter and her husband. My daughter and her husband had two children. Her house started on fire and we lost everything. Initially, the insurance company fought us every inch of the way for what we lost in the fire. We hired Stanford Law Offices and sued our insurance company for breach of contract and bad faith. At arbitration, we prevailed and all of our losses were fully restored. We would like to thank Stanford Law Offices for finding a place for our family to live while our home was being rebuilt and at the same time, restoring all of our personal effects.”

“A plumber started a fire in our home. It burned to the ground and we lost everything. I had no idea where to turn. I hired Stanford Law Offices on a referral from my friend. We sued my insurance company for breach of contract and bad faith. In addition, we sued the plumber and the plumber’s insurance company. We built our home and restored all of the personal property lost in the fire. At the same time, Stanford Law Offices was able to obtain sufficient funds for my family to live while our new home was being built and restore our family to its previous living circumstances during construction. If it were not for Stanford Law Offices, I know we would never have obtained the results we did in the end.”

“An ice storm tore the roof of my home. After the roof was torn off, the ice came into my home and destroyed all of its contents. During the ice storm, we had to leave our home and live with friends. The insurance company would not answer my telephone calls or letters. We hired Stanford Law Offices. Stanford Law Offices sued my insurance company for breach of contract and bad faith.

In addition to getting a new roof on my home, Stanford Law Offices was successful in getting compensation to restore all the personal property damage and at the same time, diluting losses and expenses I incurred while the roof was being rebuilt. I would like to thank Stanford Law Offices and consider myself very fortunate to have hired it to represent my family’s interest.”

“We suffered a severe flood to our home, causing extensive property damage. Initially, we were not terribly concerned because we had the insurance to cover our losses. When our insurance agent told us we did not have coverage for our loss, we hired Stanford Law Offices. Mr. Stanford proved the insurance agent was guilty of neglect in failing to obtain the insurance we had requested, and prevailed in having our losses covered. After the case was over, we were able to make the necessary repairs to our home.”

“I was responsible for my children and grandchildren. I owned a home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There was a severe hailstorm which tore the roof off my home. The insurance company denied responsibility or coverage in providing me with a new roof over my home. I hired Stanford Law Offices, S.C. who was successful in suing the insurance company for breach of contract and bad faith.

In addition to getting a new home built, I received sufficient compensation to pay the balance of my mortgage and get on with my life. If it were not for Stanford Law Offices, S.C., I would not have been able to have a home or roof over my head, or protect my children and grandchildren.”

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